Psst, guys can I add a speaker that says something on our bot?

Search the rules for “noise” or “music”. There used to be rules about it; I don’t know if they carried into this year or not.

It carried into this year.

(Emphasis mine)

It does say it’s only an issue if it causes a distraction, so if you wanted to have a speaker that infrequently plays audio at a low volume in the pit, it might be acceptable. Though it would probably be better to have the audio player as a separate mechanism on the cart or a pit table rather than the robot so it doesn’t cause any problems during matches.

I invoke E25 and E12, and banish the audio player from the cart and possibly from the pit as well.

E-rules are at District & Regional Events.

You may want to ask Q&A, along with a more detailed description of what you’re trying to do. Specific is good… But in the Arena, it’ll be hard to hear anything the robot is saying.

Ur gonna need some music for that speaker, check this playlist out!!

Note to self: Bring earplugs to PowerUp