Special shout out to 2990

If I am remembering correctly, 2990 is the first team from the PNW district to play on Einstein. If that is true (and please correct me if I’m wrong) then major congrats to them! They played great on the field, and it was a lot of fun working with you. Best of luck in the future!

2nd team to make it to Einstein (from what i read on twitch, so i could be wrong) but first to play. Congrats to them, It was amazing to watch!

Yes, they are the first PNW team to play on Einstein. We’ve been saying all season that they have some of the best drivers, and they know how to drive that bot amazingly and to a perfect strategy. They make Oregon and the rest of the PNW proud!

That’s one of the reasons they were such a strong alliance members, they had a great driver team who knew how to handle their robot.
I think it’s just a matter of time before Shockwave finds themselves there. You are a great team who shows what the PNW can come up with.

Super excited to not just to see a PNW team on Einstein, but a great PNW team, who absolutely deserved and earned it. Super proud to have worked with them earlier in the season, hoping to see even more PNW teams make Einstein in the coming years!

they’ve made it to their field’s finals twice already (2014/15), only losing due to an ally having mechanical issues. They’ll make it, and soon

Thanks Tyler! Yes, from my research, we are the first PNW team to “put wheels on the Einstein carpet”. The other team, team 492 (Titan Robotics Club), was the team that was on the backup team that went to Einstein last year.

From what I heard from the drive team and pit crew, you guys were awesome to work with! Maybe we’ll be at the same champs next year!

We were so thrilled that 2990 was available to us on Hopper. They had long caught our attention. I have family connections to Skunkworks so I had heard about Hotwire for quite a while. Congrats.

Team 492 (Titan Robotics Club) was the second pick for 330 and 2056 last year and ended up going to Einstein however they never played for reasons I am unsure of. As a result 2990 is the first PNW team to have actually played on Einstein. But congrat 2990! You guys deserved it!

I loved working with your team for the duration of playoffs both in the pits and on the field after joining our alliance. Your students were eager to help any chance they got with anything that was needed. Working to cheesecake your robot with a folding blocker was a joy.

It has taken me personally many many years to develop the necessary balance between doing, helping, and delegating tasks that enables me to include and engage others as much as possible. Your students however just made it flawless and easy for me because of their skills and confidence, I could tell right away they knew everything that was going on and were focused on the tasks at hand. I was supremely impressed with how quickly they were able to take the blocker off, parts sorted and set aside for re-installation, and were almost finished by the time I even heard we decided to take it off. When we put the blocker back on they had all the parts ready to go and beat our own mechanical team member to having the tools in hand, and it was off again in a couple of minutes when our teams changed their minds about using it on field.

Never before have I worked with another team that made my job of working with them so calm and easy. When they needed something they asked, when we needed something they were there to supply and aid us. They just did their job, every step of the way. It is teams like yours that I get to work with at competitions that are truely the highlights of my FIRST experience. I’m happy we won our Division, I’m a little sad we didn’t win it all, but I’m overjoyed to have shared the experience and gotten to know your team.

Thank you for making my journey with 1678 and FIRST amazing and memorable.

Devin Castellucci

P.S. also a little sad that I didn’t end up getting to work with and get to know 364 Fusion. I hope I get another chance some year.