Special surprise at Philomath District

Us at Philomath have a special surprise for all the teams planned after lunch. Tune in at 11:30 AM PDT (15 Minutes from Now) to see



i dont know how to explain my reaction to this. Funny? for sure. the best idea? for sure. Do i want to be there? Maybe.

Loved this!!!

Philomath is behehetttter…

Cheney is best :rolleyes:

What was it?

The world may never know…

Would yours stack on top of a Tote? We tried at Auburn, but it was being uncooperative.

#philomathisbetter :wink:



We love our mentors

Why not.



Keeping the contest going

for you goat simulation fans…

So cute!!!

One of the teams at Auburn had a picture in their pit of two baby goats, standing on a tote, eating oats, in front of a boat. I wish I had a copy to post here!

Pretty sure that name tag says ‘Goat Inspector.’ #philomathisbetter

I might be biased, but…


Did Darin kiss the goat in Auburn?

Because I kissed the goats in Philomath…