Specialized Robot for partnering? Fuel or Gears

Hi, what are your thoughts about creating a specialized robot just for posting gears? … just for fuel? If a robot team specialized in fuel, would it be more likely to be picked as a partner by a robot team that specialized in gears?

If a team specialized on gears it stands to reason that it would be more time efficient with the task because the design team will have fewer competing priorities. Although there are a limited number of gears, time appears to be a more limited resource.

It also appears that gears and fuel are independent game elements. As discussed in this thread.

Would two specialized gear robots be better or worse? Better at scoring the gears, but might get in the way of each other.

What are your thoughts?

Elite teams will be able to get the pressure RP by themselves, but getting the gear RP alone is insanely difficult. Every robot should be able to score 2 gears themselves in a match.

I feel like the robots that specialize in gears and do it well (8+ per match) will definitely be priority picks in eliminations, as it seems more likely that robots that specialize/can also do fuel will most likely rank higher.

This would be my personal suggestion. Maybe with one of these on the front.

Most definitely.
There are some high scoring and high reward options in STEAMWORKS that only require the completion of one task (as you said, they aren’t linked). Teams may see this and decide to focus on a single aspect of the game.
However, I feel like there are simple enough options for robots who specialize in one thing to still assist in another department. For example, it’s likely quite possible to make your gear manipulator very compact. You could use the remaining space for a large container to hold balls that you retrieve with your balls specialist on your alliance from a hopper. This would be helpful to alliance robots that don’t use a floor intake and want to ensure that their opposition (that has a floor intake) has less balls available.

Of course, this is only one theoretical situation out of many. Some cross over is beneficial, especially if you can fit a mechanism for said cross over on your robot.