Specific M.C's for regional's

Is there a list or does anyone know who will M.C. specific regional’s thanks:cool:

As far as I know, there is not a published list, but some MCs typically do certain regionals.

If you’re coming down from Vacaville to the Silicon Valley Regional, for example, it will most likely be MC’d by Mark Leon.

Mark usually does the west coast. I was wondering about Washington, D.C.?

Last year, Blair Hundertmark was the m.c. at the Washington DC Regional. I don’t have any idea who will fill this role in 2010.


By no means do I know who will actually MC the DC regional, but if Blair doesn’t return, I expect it would be Jeff Seaton (who usually does VCU, Chesapeake, and a field at Championship). Jeff is truly one of the best MCs in FIRST, and did the game announcing at the DC regional last year.

MCs and game announcers are selected by the individual regional planning committees. The list is not published since some regionals don’t know until closer to their event.

Blair usually does ‘rookie’ regionals (D.C 2009, Bayou 2007, San Diego 2007, Vegas 2005).

I’ll volunteer for Florida.