Specific Version of Solidworks

Hello all,

I was wondering if it would be possible to ask for and receive a specific version of SolidWorks (2011, 2012, etc.)

Feel free to skip this part. The purpose being is that we use SolidWorks at multiple locations (schools, houses, etc.) That being said, some form of version control is needed. A shared server space (dropbox) or SVN is a nightmare, and SolidWorks PDM only works on a local network. (It’s awesome, but needs a decent internet speed at all times if we try to VPN. And VPN would be frowned upon by the school.) Therefore we decided on Windchill and its integration with SolidWorks, as it can be used wherever there is an internet connection, and does not require LAN speeds.

The Windchill plugin for Solidworks is only released 6-12 months after a release of Solidworks. So if we ask for Solidworks in December 2012, we will get SolidWorks 2012 which will not be supported by Windchill for a few months! So when we ask for SolidWorks in December 2013 (Thank you SolidWorks for supporting FIRST), would it be possible to get the 2012 version?

This is a question directed mainly towards anyone at SolidWorks, but ultimately the goal is to get an answer.

Thanks in advance,
Daniel D.