specs on van door motors

can someone point me to the specs on the van door motor? specifically RMP’s

Try looking here , this spread sheet contains the 2002 van door motor specs, but i believe its the same motor. Note: free speed of the motor is 75 RPM ( provided its the same motor)

There wasn’t a 2002 van door.

Strange…, i thought there was. Plus i was going by wut the spec sheet said, At any rate the pictured motor looks like this year van door motor

Maybe the spec sheet was printed in 2002. 2003 was the first time we saw the van door in the game.

Last years motor was also different from this years. We tried to replace a stripped plastic gear with one from last year and it was totally different.

Yes the motor specs are the same, the housing is different.

Thats funny cause i have obtained from first multiple models of van door motors. Thus there have been at least 2 years prior to this year in which the van door motor was used in the KOP.

No, we’ve had the Van Door motor since 1998 (although it may have taken a year off, I can’t remember)

Well there certainly wasn’t one 2002. And they may not have been there 2001, beyond that I don’t recall.

I dont think the van door was in the 2002 kit, but we got two of them in the 2001 kit (as opposed to one now). I seem to remember a thread about a robot in 2002 that used old van door motors illegally.

[EDIT] Here is the thread [/EDIT]

This motor is a very strange motor. It is supplied only to Delphi. It was a motor that was spec’ed out for a very short while and then changed to another spec. I suppose that these were part of some obsoleted motor stock.\

In any case, I have looked at the spec sheet for this motor (I would publish it, but it is marked “Delphi Confidential” – sorry), the problem is that spec does not really give the data folks want, it only has a minimum speed spec at particular RPM. Very strange…

Anyway, if I had seen this note earlier, I would have responded earlier, but somehow this one got past me.

For what it is worth, the motor is not the exact same motor as the ones from prior years (the Bosch ones we had last year were also obsolete stock from but from Bosch – they lost the business to Taigene) but they are PRETTY close. There are a bit of difference here and there but mostly not to much. I used 75 RPM free speed and 35N-m stall torque for my calcs. Things turned out about right.

Joe J.

this might be a little off topic, but i was unable to find any adapter for the VAN door motor in the KOP, not that it matters now, but i am just curious as to what is the easiest way to make an adapter (for connecting to 5/8 " shaft) for a van door motor.

The van door shaft diameter is 11 mm (.433").

This is almost 7/16" (.4375").

We have machined an 1/8" key way in our motor shaft.

You can then take a 5/8" coupler, drill a 7/16" hole through (using coolant and pre-drilling with the one size smaller drill first to keep the hole diameter as close as possible to .434"), and then broach a 1/8" key way in the coupler. 7/16" is a standard bushing size.

Or, you could go metric all the way. The only difficulty is that 11 mm is not a standard bushing size and you would have to make a custom bushing for your broach.

Has any one had the problem with the vandoor motors not working all the time? ours seems to time out when we turn the bot on but seems to work after a minute or so of driving around ne ideas?

You are tripping the circuit breaker. The CB is a self resetting device (which is why it starts working after a while).

Insure that you are using a 30A CB (not a 20A). If you are, check for excessive frictional forces. If all else fails, change the gear ratio to lessen the load.