Posted by Brandon Joerges.

Student on team 'Da Bears from Berkley High School.

Posted on 11/29/99 8:45 PM MST

Where can we get the specifications such as the PSI of the pneumatic pumps and other things that could be helpful to the designing of our robot??

Posted by Joe Johnson.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Engineer on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

Posted on 11/30/99 4:06 AM MST

In Reply to: Specs?? posted by Brandon Joerges on 11/29/99 8:45 PM MST:


I this a FIRST question or a Chief Delphi Invitational question?

If it is a CDI question, I have two things:

  1. Please ask it on the CDI forum.
  2. The Application Notes give some specs for this pump.

If it is a FIRST question, You are sort of asking a tough question. There is a pretty strong rumor that the pneumatics are VASTLY improved in 2000. I have not heard this 1st hand, but most of the folks who went to the seminars on pneumatics came back talking about big accumulators, new pumps, high pressure, reliable valves and additionals cylinders.

For 4 years FIRST has been telling us ‘wait til next year then we will have a pneumatic system worth using.’

For 4 years now, we have had a pneumatic free robot.

Maybe 2000 will be the year things change.

Joe J.

Posted by Raul.

Engineer on team #111, Wildstang, from Rolling Meadows & Wheeling HS and Motorola.

Posted on 11/30/99 5:51 AM MST

In Reply to: FIRST or Chief Delphi Invitational? posted by Joe Johnson on 11/30/99 4:06 AM MST:

Here is the unique stuff I heard we get in 2000:

  1. Exchangeable container with more than 1 gallon of air at 100psi. (think of it as a pnuematic battery)
  2. Regulated to 80psi max.
  3. No pump!
  4. Cylinders with greater than 1’ bore
  5. Vortex device for generating vacuum