Spectral Reflectivity of White Gaff tape

Hey all! We’ll be running some experiments but I figured I’d ask here to reduce time if possible:

Anyone run experiments (or found a spec) on the reflectivity properties of the 3M white gaff tape used on the field this year? By visual inspection I can confirm it reflects 390 to 700 nm pretty well, but am curious about the IR or UV properties.


Well I did not check it but the vision field images does includes those, guess it would be a good start - Download

You’ll want to take into account that the named 3M tape is not the only kind used.

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The named 3M tape should be the only thing used on the field. In the past FIRST was very specific in that we had to use ProGaff brand tape per the manual specs. This year FIRST HQ informed us (The PNW District) that they had secured a donation of the Gaff tape and they would supply it to us. (In the past each district had to buy it after their first year)

FIRST packs the trucks for the Regionals so you can be guaranteed that they use the donated tape and will not send out any other brand.

In the PNW district I personally guarantee that only the 3M tape will be used as I’m going to clean out the tool cases of any of the old tape. Put our stock of ProGaff on a pallet and stick it 16’ ft in the air.

Can’t say what other districts will do to ensure that the 3M and only the 3M is sent to the events.

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@Mr_V is right about what is shipped with the field and intended to be used. 3M is a hometown company for me, and I love their products. That doesn’t change the fact that, on occasion, other tape might be used if the 3M tape isn’t available or suitable.

In addition to manufacturer variation, the condition of the tape in the field will vary. White tape tends to pick up dirt easily, causing the precise color to vary. The width of the tape changes as robots drive over it. Lighting varies between venues, and between locations on the field.

Teams should take these expected variations into account when designing line taking systems.