Spectrum 3847: Infrared Reveal


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This robot is amazing… :yikes:

I’m particularly fond of the wheels on the end of the intake. :wink:

Our team just watched this and we were Amazed by your team’s pre-planning/CAD for your back plates. Infrared looks awesome.

It’s one way to get mecanums on to Einstein…

Thank you, you should notice several 610 helpful hints on this bot (pneumatic tubing handles, Velcro around the battery Anderson connector, etc.)

Also I forgot to mention, the competition robot will have 4 MiniCIMs added to the drive train at our first event. We are just keeping them on the prototype robot for practice.

We can only dream.

This looks awesome!
One question, are the 4 inch mecanum wheels on the intake using the 4 inch rollers or the 6 inch rollers?

6in rollers with custom 3D printed purple hubs. We figure we shouldn’t waste the real wheels or rollers. We have friends that may run into wheel problems later in the season and we’ll be able to help them out with the real wheels. We also can use the proper rollers for future prototype robots or something.

DAYUM! looks beautiful

I’m really digging the self catch.

Yea, i was just wondering if you guys found that using non round wheels actually allowed you to get more grip on the ball.

Hands down the most impressive reveal video so far. Absolutely phenomenal. That intake has immediately made me question our design.

Another great looking robot. I’ve been following the blog pretty close and it’s amazing to see how much forethought went in to every piece. Great job guys!

First time I’ve seen mecanums used like that. Brilliant!


We need an award for best non traditional use of a cots component. That intake is phenomenal.

It’s funny it only happened because we broke a roller when driving on them and we’re annoyed, so we thought we would beat them up a bit with the collector. Turns out it works really well.

Also the power of the 775s help, if we had a lower back panel the collector would launch the ball a good 8 feet or so at full speed.

Someone could have zip tied a mecanum wheel on their robot during the practice match on Einstein last year…just saying…

This is probably my favorite reveal video so far. Short, action packed and showed off a lot of cool and useful features.

Another great robot from Spectrum!!

**One of the best teams in FRC, both competitively and graciously! **

Well done Allen and Spectrum. I’m looking forward to seeing it in action at Lone Star.

just make sure not to shoot it on the truss in a match, or you will never be able to score again.