Spectrum 3847: Infrared Reveal

Well done Allen and Spectrum. I’m looking forward to seeing it in action at Lone Star.

just make sure not to shoot it on the truss in a match, or you will never be able to score again.

You should keep up with rule updates.

Allen, Looks great! Can’t wait to see you in Dallas!

Wow, genius use of mecanum wheels! That is an awesome robot.

I love the intake a the way you hold the ball in, but is there a sensor on the robot that senses the ball when it comes into the robot or does the driver need to manually press a button? We are using a sensor, but I’m wondering if it is easy enough to just press a button.

We have both systems running.

The driver holds the bumper (button above the trigger on an Xbox controller) during collection. If he lets go collection stops, collection also stops when the IR range finder senses the ball. Most of the time the driver is able to get it before the ball reaches the sensor but when they are blind to the ball and 54 ft away hopefully the sensor will take over.

Our code is on github, it’s by no means competition ready, we still have 3 weeks till our first competition.


I really like this robot.

Looks like an incredible machine. I’m looking forward to taking a peek under the hood in a few weeks.


That day is coming soon, my friend.

There are many details in your design that are worthy of study, in person. The video and photos are very nice but don’t do Infrared justice.

Love the back panel. The voltage display is very very nice along with all of the labels.

Very impressed with the reveal video.
This robot can do it all!

Every time I look at that intake, I think of our VEX intake rollers for this year’s game Toss Up.:slight_smile:

Yeah. Toss up was a smaller version of this, but different.

-Zombies are jealous of our smartness. That is why they eat our brains.

The original design came from our Toss Up robot, we saw Boom Done’s and we realized it could be better with wheels.

Beautiful robot. What is the grand total of motors on this bot?

Wow… love that intake!!

I could probably find the answer by looking on their blog, but I’m going to hazard a guess for fun.

I’m going to say, 12. 4 CIM + 4 MiniCIM for the drivetrain. 2x 775s for the intake. 2x [insert 500 series motor here] for the catapult. A 13th if you count the motor inside the compressor.

Close but the catapult is a lot stronger than that. 2 CIMs + 2 775s. We didn’t show our deep ball in the video but we can just about make an 18 ft shot. Its not reliable enough right now for competition but if everything goes well it might be ready for Lone Star or for the summer events.

Total motor count is 14 plus 8 pneumatic cylinders. I’m doing a battery order tomorrow. We got 6 new ones last year and are buying 6 more this year. The launcher also should only run for a grand total of 15-20 seconds a match.


The cylinders are a combined total 10" of stoke, so its not that epic.