Spectrum 3847: Infrared Reveal

Probably my favorite aspect of the robot design is the beautiful operator panel on the side for all the gauges and hookups. Half of the machine builders I work with haven’t figured out that a programming port on an electrical panel is invaluable, and you guys have one on your robot.

Looking forward to some match footage of this competing.

Love this robot y’all!

Good luck.

We just posted our first Inside Infrared blog post.

It’s about our bumpers.

We’ll hopefully have more of these soon.

Looks nice, can you explain what you did with the noodles to get the nice corners?

They are just wrapped around the corners. After all the issues this season we ended up cutting about three times as many noodles as we needed since we weren’t sure it would be legal, we cut them for vertical noodles first. We finally found out it was legal from Colin Fultz and went with the wrap around corners.

Our launcher was a little shaky at Dallas so we have been working on improving it’s consistency. The team basically designed the change to a pneumatic launcher on the bus ride back to Houston. We prototyped yesterday and had it CADed and on the practice robot today making high goals.

Here is the blog post with video and pictures.

The latest Inside Infrared post was just published this time it’s about our collector design.

Inside Infrared: Collector

Thanks for letting me come by and check out your robot today. It was quite impressive to see the amount of work you guys have put in. Your collectors are amazing piece of engineering, very elegant and simple, but they can handle the ball in ways I didn’t think possible without a lateral joint.

Good luck and we will see you at Lone Star

Here is our IRI application highlight video.