Spectrum Summer Workshop Series (Houston Area)

Spectrum is going to be hosting it’s Summer Workshop Series in a few weeks.

We started this for our new students but have opened it up for all teams in the area that want to come.

Here is the link to all the details.

Location: St. Agnes Academy, 9000 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX, 77036

Jun 20 - Kitbot Build Chassis and Drivetrain (2 - 6pm)
Jun 21 - Kitbot Build Electrical (2 - 6pm)
Jun 22 - Kitbot Build JAVA Programming (1 - 6pm)
Jun 23 - Sunday - Lab Day (1 - 5pm)

Jun 27 - FRC Control System and Sensors (2 - 6pm)
Jun 28 - FRC Pneumatics (2 - 6pm)
Jun 29 - FRC Simple Robot Construction Techniques (1 - 6pm)
Jun 30 - Sunday - Lab Day (1 - 5pm)

RSVP - http://goo.gl/KKiVv

Will you have video of these workshops available?

We’re not planning on it. The goal is that they are really hands on so it would be a very terrible video to watch (unless you like watching people bolt things together for four hours). The goal is that there is not too much of anyown standing at the front lecturing. Any slides or resources we use will be posted tough.

We’re still accepting RSVPs for the workshops that start on Thursday.