Spectrum Tri-wheel Shooter Prototype

We have been testing a different shooter setup from most of the other we have seen so far.

It’s a Tri-wheel configuration that is able to get a pretty good amount of distance (20+ feet) from a relatively small package.

Video + Photos + Details are on the blog.

(This is untested with new/old balls, etc. We still have a lot of work to do before it would be on our robot. The vise will not be mounted the robot or at least we hope not. :slight_smile: )

You know, the last time Spectrum released a small wheeled shooter for a game, suddenly BaneBot wheels were scarce… ::rolleyes::

Looks like great progress, and I imagine that teams find your prototyping and design incredibly helpful! Using the wheels to act as rollers rather than wheels is an interesting thing to explore…

We have discussed doing this Banebot wheels, and I’m pretty sure orange Banebot wheels would work very well with this design but we are looking for something a bit more durable this season.

While I applaud your creativity, & I love the fact that you share it with the community, I have one question. From where do you expect to be able to take advantage of that shooters great distance? My understanding of the rules indicate that it is illegal to cause a ball to cross the defense without being in physical possession by a robot. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

This is just the prototype to show distance running at full battery voltage. The real shooter will be tilted up to a higher angle and run much slower to allow us to have better control of wheel velocity across battery voltages. 18-19ft is about the max shot anyone would conceivably take from around the low bar area into the right side goal. We will also likely be shooting from lower than this shooter is currently mounted which takes away a lot of distance as well.

Excellent! We are on the same page then.

Our testing has also shown that 7.5v to the motor is sufficient for our “ideal” shot location. It also means we can still control the shot with a fading battery.