Spectrum's Cart for 2014


This is the design for the cart we will be using next year. It will be laser cut with 1/8 inch aluminum.

Thanks to team 148 for helping to inspire the design by sharing the CAD file of their Cart.

CAD of the Cart: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58113883/3847Cart.zip

Looks pretty cool. How is the robot going to stay on? Just the weight of it?

There are mounting holes in the top plate that we can mount support blocks into for the robot. It’s designed to be customizable for different robots. They will probably just be wooden blocks.

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I assume that shocks will be bolted in after the frame of their next bot is finalized.

Is there a small lip around the edge of the faceplates at all?
Also i was kinda hoping that casters would mount in the corners with a 1 inch drop and make it look like a hover cart. Purple underglow?

No wheels? It must be a hovercart.



We were wondering who was going to be the first person to make that joke. There are holes for the wheels to mount. Ryan just didn’t CAD the wheels since we are just using the ones off our previous cart.

If anyone is wondering we use two of these in the back and two of the non-swivel ones in the front.

I want to make a powered robot cart with mechanum. I think that it would be really easy to maneuver. Our Logomotion robot has mechanum and I love moving it because it can move sideways, making it easy to push in tight spaces. Have you considered this?

Mecanum’s only work on flat surfaces, so it will wreak havoc whenever even one wheel is off the ground (which is common in carts). Even if you have some kind of suspension system, I wouldn’t trust it.

Although powered omnis could be fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just really hoping for a cart reveal video when this is completed.

With lots of dubstep and an underglow.

Robotics = Dubstep nowadays. ^^

A purple underglow would be pretty cool. Make sure the blocks you put on top are tall enough for you to work on the robot comfortably!

Anyone have the link to 148’s cart CAD?


Laser cut? Aluminum? You must have a powerful laser cutter.

The top surface of our cart is a mirror so that we can see under the robot.

We have a sponsor (Solarcraft) that will cut out the parts for us.

I emailed JVN to be able to see their cart CAD. I imagine if you ask him he will be happy to send you it.

This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard. How do you protect the glass from impact damage?

I’m not too entirely sure, someone else on my team would answer that question better. I think it’s either a polycarbonate mirror, or a piece of clear plastic is placed over the mirror. I think it’s just a polycarbonate mirror, though.

I remember that some team made a release video for their cart a couple of years ago. It was pretty epic. I think the cart was motorized too…

Here’s the song for it: