Speed Controller Group Not Working in 2022

We are trying to get code from 2021 to work in 2022, but speed controllers don’t seem to be supported anymore. We get this message: “The type SpeedController has been deprecated since version 2022 and marked for removalJava(16778626)”

Is there some other way to access this functionality?

Looks like MotorControllerGroup / MotorController is the replacement.

Correct, MotorControllerGroup is the replacement. However, note the message just says SpeedControllerGroup is deprecated, so it will still work in 2022… the message is just a warning that it will be removed next year.


As your porting your code you may find it helpful to review New for 2023 — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

For example, it says:

  • SpeedController has been renamed to MotorController
    Various portions of the API still refers to SpeedController for backwards compatibility. Users should pass MotorController instead

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