Speed Controller

We’re looking to use a Victor SPX with 20 amp on the PDP because we are powering a motor that controls the “Climber Crab”.

We are hooking up the motor to a retractable extension cord from a vacuum cleaner that is pre-equipped with 18 gauge wire.

Yes, Speed Controller.

Seriously, no issue with this as long as it’s a small enough motor not to trip the breaker, and the wire inside the retractable cable is 18AWG or larger and copper. (Sometimes smaller wire is marketed as “gauge”, so watch out for that.)

So this is legal?

There are no rules against putting a motor controller on a smaller than 40A breaker. R52 specifically says (emphasis mine) Up to 40A.
Oh - if the wires in your retractable cord aren’t red/black (or another allowed combo per R55), you can’t use them to power the Victor, but you could use them between the Victor and the motor.

Oh - and be sure to gear that climber crab motor down far enough. It requires a larger-than-intuitive force to move a robot along a sloping surface. (2013 climber experience talking here.)

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