Speed Controllers

Posted by Gary Bonner.

Other on team #433, MINT, from Mount Saint Joseph Academy and Pew Foundation.

Posted on 5/10/2000 8:08 PM MST

One of our speed controllers went bad today. We’re going to a team sponsored competition this weekend and don’t have the time or money to get a replacement. We made rookie mistake #1 (and 2,3,4…), and had to go to town with the saw at a regional competition to get down to 130lbs. We did what we could to protect things from the metal shavings, but I’m afraid some shavings may have gotten into the controller and finally did it in.

We now have two speed controllers that work in only one direction. My question is, could we use the two ‘half’ speed controllers to make a ‘whole’ speed controller. What I’m thinking about doing is wiring the speed controllers’ outputs in series with the motor, removing the jumpers, and modifying the control program such that each controller outputs only in its good direction and is otherwise set at 127. Does this sound feasible?

Posted by Justin Stiltner.

Student on team #388, Epsilon, from Grundy High School and NASA, American Electric Power, Town of Grundy.

Posted on 5/12/2000 8:29 PM MST

In Reply to: Speed Controllers posted by Gary Bonner on 5/10/2000 8:08 PM MST:

Well it sounds like it would but you Must put the jumpers in the coast position because when you remove them the speed controller will default to break mode
also insted of wiring them in series just basically make a y peice of wire in which one speed controller would be attached to each end and the motor attached to the other.
Post if this works!!

Justin Stiltner
Team 388