Speed Controllers

I was wondering what kind your team used? Ours is using victors. Also, is there any large difference between the victors and jaguars? Is one better than the other?

our team is using both.

the only difference i know that matters in this competition is the weight(mass).

but, i could be wrong.

it also seems like jaguars fail more often…

the victors seem to be quite reliable


my team is just sticking with the victor

Jaguars are bigger, but they have a better output curve. Their output is waaay more proportional that Victors. Jaguar’s outputs are near linear, while the Victors have some funky curve which you can sense if you hook the output of a joystick directly into a victor signal… push it forward slowly at a constant rate and you’ll see how it starts off moving slowly and the starts moving very quickly.

Jaguars don’t have this problem (thus we are using them for our drive train and our shooter.)

Were sticking with Victors. Our electronic board fit much better with the smaller electronics board the team decided to use this year. Also, next year, we can use 8 (hopefully) brand new jaguars.

were using both as of now, the larger jag’s are better made, the diff. is like carb.(victors) and fuel injection(jags)

we are using the jags but we are trying to hook up the victor and we are having trouble with it

We were using jaguars, but something shorted out. Luminary Micro has no clue why, so we’ve ended up sticking to victors. They’re working out pretty well.

We were trying the jags on the drivetrain, but tonight one let out a puff of smoke, and only works in one direction now. Tomorrow we swap them for victors.

As said before, the Jags are much more linear on the output… They’re also twice as fast as the victors. 1075 is using them on our drive and steering motors. We had one smoke about 2 hours ago, no obvious reason why. Waiting on an RMA number from LM.

We’re Using 4 Jags. I Like them so far but we’re prepared to switch them out to Victors if need be.

I’ve noticed with the Jags they’re much more sensitive than Victors. When we had a programming issue that cause the signal to the Speed Controller to change every time the code Looped the Jag Jumped a Lot more than the Victor Did.

This is because the Jags are capable of going down to 3% of full power while the Vics can only do 10%.