Speed Racer movie

I’m pretty hyped up about this. It looks really good. I can’t help feel story similarities to the way we can see robotics too.

And btw…there is aslo going to be an Astro Boy movie, Castlevania movie, and even Dragonball Z.

Here is hoping for a Legend of Zelda movie. hahaha

Uhm, originally, my conclusion wer faild. But now that I watched the trailer, I might give it a second thought. Usually they screw up remakes of old shows/movies, but there are exceptions.

It reminds me more of F-Zero than speed racer. But geez it will probably be pretty good.

Don’t forget Voltron

(also proves that “Cloverfield” has nothing to do with Voltron. Anyone who keeps theorizing that, stop.)

Marvel has run out of superheros…now all we have is classic anime.

yep. They should make a pac-man movie… :rolleyes:


They did make a pac-man movie, The Pac Man Christmas! :smiley:

I looked at the trailer for this, and the computer animations look a little lame to me. Also, the beginning voice over just seems the same as any other movie that deals with a passion. I will say, I am excited about this, but I don’t think it was put together that well as of right now. But there is no telling what the future holds.

It’s slated for 2008, probably for the summer blockbuster deadline. There’s plenty of time to add/edit the CGI.

Can’t wait for Speed Racer!!! I have the Mach 5 as my background currently.

It’s funny though, because in the trailer you can actually see a Mach 6 as well. My guess is something happens to the Mach 5 & is replaced for another race or something. Only time will tell.

Oh this looks like a terrible movie!!!