Speed up the Taigene window motor?

hi, i was wondering if there is any way to speed up the Taigene window motor. we were planning on putting a tough box at the end of it but we might loose torque due to that (plus i have no idea how we are going to make that work :P). does anyone else have ideas as to how we can speed this motor up?

The Toughbox is a reducing gearbox, so your output will actually come out 12.75 times slower. (Unless you’re talking about attaching it to the Toughbox backwards, but that would indeed be pretty complicated.) Your best bet is to mount a large gear or sprocket on the shaft of the motor, and then a smaller one on your appendage. This will give you an increase in speed, with a corresponding decrease in torque.

0o0o0 did not know that, thanks for telling me jgannon. yea a big gear to a small gear would speed it up, but would we loose alot of torque (which is needed cause this will be lifting our arm, and possibly the ball, up and down)?

not sure of the specifics but it sounds that motor has a lot of torque as it is. so if you were to have the gear sizes close but the one smaller it should give you more speed while keeping the torque. but the faster you go the less power you have

So… what you’re saying is you want the motor to put out more energy than you put in?

Sorry, but a force * rate of motion is wattage, and wattage you can’t gear to get more of. It’s a trade off.

I would suggest you try the window motor 1:1 and see how it works for you (preferably mathematically before you go out and try it). Then figure out what you need to do gearing/motor wise.