Hey I was just wondering what the top speed of other teams Robots is. Our to speed in 4th gear is 6 motor turns for every 1 time the tire turns, we figure its around 19 Mph full tilt with all weights added. We also figured 46 feet in 2 sec, but that sounds a lil high.

Mach 2. That was our theoretical speed durring design. Lets just say, that isn’t the case any more. But all I’ll say is that it will continue Sparky’s speed from the rest of the family line.

Just under the speed of light… not sure by how much but its in there:D

tho it keeps making noise like its sonic bomin" at every turn… since my ears dont pop i assume its nota sonic boom… maybes its a baby boom:D

Our robot moves at a speed of a baby boom… yeah thats it, lol:p

Joe, Space… he asked an honest question. Please don’t post stupid replies.

19mph full tilt eh? Depending on what motors you are using to achieve this, I think you’ll have very low torque. Have you considered the 19mph + 14º incline?

The highest I expect to see is probably 9-11fps.

We are currently looking at 6-10 fps (variable by our end sprockets, gearbox -> wheel sprockets)

but our bot does run under the speed of light and it does keep making loud noise that sounds like sonic boom… our speed keeps changing constantly due to constant changes to the drive train… trying to get rd of the baby boom

we have opted for something subsonic this year. we will probably go 9 ft/sec

we go 12 ft/sec full tilt. We can make it go faster by changing the sprockets out, but that just makes it way to hard to control (along with a lot of skidmarks on the carpet)

Ummmm…someone else checck my math(i did it twice) but 19 miles an hour is 27 ft/sec…thats not right, no way you move that fast.

Expect the following:

FASTEST bot at nationals: 15-18ft/s

REALLY fast bots : 10-12ft/sec

FAST bots: 8-10 ft/sec

average bot: 6ft/s

slow bots: 5ft/s or under

Well, if our robot remains in the same spot… it could just be traveling so fast that you don’t see it move :smiley:

For real though, I think we clocked it at about 9ft/sec without the mods we made to the wheels tonight… so that is pretty fast for high gear, have not measured our low yet :rolleyes:

Remember that part of this game includes an uphill climb.

We first had our 'bot going about 12.5 fps… but it was not getting enough acceleration up the hill. So, we actuallly slowed it down with a different gear ratio to make it climb the hill faster.

… and that is with the 4 most powerful motors in the kit.

Speed is tricky this year.



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**http://www.red-bean.com/fitz/cnn/speed.jpg **

Wow didn’t realize that our shuttles could travel even near that speed

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**Wow didn’t realize that our shuttles could travel even near that speed **

CNN said it. It must be true.

Oh yeah, we’re planning on going about 10fps.

Wow, 18 times the speed of light is pretty fast :yikes:

Lol, I can’t believe CNN would screw up that big :rolleyes:

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**Remember that part of this game includes an uphill climb.

Seems more like a 3 ft vert. ramp to me. I’m expecting to see some big air this year

hehe Yea we can go 18 times the speed of light, wait wait… No we cant, Fully loaded our robot on level ground has been clocked at 8ft/sec. The foot that we are using to help us push boxes over moves at 3ft/sec.

I don’t know if I should post here, our robot is going to fast to measure it. On the playing field it just appears in another location as if it was being teleported. Makes funny noises going over the hill and we had to staple the carpet to the floor to keep it from bunching up at one end of the field. Oh by the way, Warner Bros. came out and took a look at the carpet and asked if they could get Bugs Bunny to duplicate that on film. Of course we said OK but only after next Tuesday.
(Al is chuckling so hard, he can’t type.)

Ok we have a fully built playing field in our shop area, and we hit the ramp at full speed our bod got a few inch’s of air at the ramps apex. I think were going a lil to past, and our Bots really light with a fast drive train. I think its time to slow it down!

This after noon we clocked the bot at 18.7563475632497…ft/s unfortunately since we figured the speed so accurately the Heisenberg Uncertanty Principle dictates the bot is now anywhere in the universe. So if anyone has seen the bot please leae a message.