Speedclimb competition?

There should be an unofficial speed climb showdown at worlds. It would be like a shootout in an old western. Both bots, back to back, on the centerline, and when the gun goes off, it’s a race to the top of the habs. Single elimination Tournament.

Just a fun dream of mine. 7457 believes we may have one of the fastest climbs out there at ~2.5 seconds.


2046 would kill everyone…



Also, what are the rules of this competition? i.e. When does the timer start, and when does it end?


Although I love the idea. 2412 would be down.

endgame of almost any of our matches.

Edit: Just to be clear, thats from the base of the HAB, not from the centerline.

This sounds fun. It reminds me of the minibot time trial races from 2011.

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In your last QF match, from the time you enter the HAB to the time you settle seems to be about 5 seconds. This is phenomenally fast! I think our best is ~5 seconds as well.

I think lining up has to be a part of your time, which is why I would favor a starting location far from the hab (like centerline next to cargo ship). Timer ends when bot stops moving with a legal 12pt climb. Go to the video to determine winners of
close showdowns.

3928’s is crazy fast


I want to see 747 (full speed, not the dialed back speed they were running later in the season) going up against 1114


Easy win for 1114


If you set it up, we’re in.


Whoa! Like it.

I’d make the rules slightly different.

Start with each robot’s bumper touching a rocket. Finish time is when the robot’s bumpers are above HAB3 surface .and. its weight is fully supported by HAB3 surface. Robot need not be stationary at finish time, BUT the climb does not count if it does not come to rest in a 12pt position.


Check out 2152 in the Orlando Regional. Pretty sure they climbed, fell, and got back up again all within a few seconds

That was insane! Looks like you hit the HAB line at ~T-2.5.


1114 would surely win (not from 1114 but they yeet it up to Hab 3 with a climber)


My money is now on 346, though I know my team could be a bit faster than our current times, as we don’t run quite full speed for the safety/reliability of the climb mechanism.


I like starting with bumper on rocket. Here’s my new proposal (similar to a pole vault competition)…

You put 5 seconds on the clock. Robots get three attempts to complete the climb in the 5 seconds. Robots that clear move to the next round.

Round 2, you now have 4.5 seconds to complete the climb, still 3 attempts. 4.0 seconds in round 3.

Keep going until only one robot can do it. Go to smaller time steps if needed to differentiate the elite.


I think that a comp like this should be as follows:

  • Robot starts anywhere on opponent’s side of field
  • Timer starts when robot touches anywhere on hab
  • Timer ends once robot meets all scoring criteria