Speedclimb competition?

My money is on 1018.

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This is the crux. How to know when the clock stops? Especially critical because we are all pretty sure that tenths of a second will be important.

I like @suPURDUEperAndy 's last proposal.

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That’s a good system but it doesn’t eliminate the tenths/hundredths of a second issue.
Would video replay from a high speed camera be a viable option? If so that could be used with whatever setup

It would utilize FMS to enable robots at the start and shut down the robot when time is out. Robots that are still in motion or “in the air” when the clock runs out would still count, just like a basketball buzzer beater.

^This is what I assumed you meant.

That would be cool, I wish first would do things like this.

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that. I like that way!

There were some “drag races” during the team social in 2008. I don’t know how “official” it was by FIRST’s standards, but they certainly didn’t put a stop to it occurring. Granted, this was outside and not using any of FIRST’s equipment to let it happen.

Beat me to it…

Here is another view


Although we have never done it, It can finish the climb after the match due to it being powered by gas shocks.

Maybe someone should suggest this idea to the IRI planning committee…

That would be fun to watch.


We have a 4.7sec climb

I think you just did that.

On a related note, I recall some minibot races at 2011 CMP. Did SPAM organize them?


There will be NO video replays!


6443 would be down, we came back from the other side’s cargo ship, aligned, and climbed with 7 seconds left in the match, our climb only takes 2.5 seconds for it to count.

Amazing idea, if not at Worlds, definitely should be done at IRI

910 and 1918 come to mind with some fast climbs from Michigan.

For a level 3 climb?

Heck yeah. I don’t think you’d make it, but I’d pay to watch you try!


195 is super efficient but im not so sure about <5 seconds.