SpeedTight Chain Tensioner

Has anybody used one of these http://www.team221.com/viewproduct.php?id=68?
Because I’m designing a chain driven telescoping arm and was thinking of using
it to tension the chain. I’m also curious about it’s dimensions it doesn’t give any on thier website.


I think this is supposed to be used to set up #25 chain, not actually tension it actively. It is supposed to make closing a loop of chain easier basically. (don’t take my word for it)

Or I’m wrong, and you leave it in for a quick tension option. Just don’t get it caught in the sprockets.
The guy to ask is Chief Delphi user ajlapp, he is affiliated with 221 Robotics Systems and could answer your questions.

Link to user profile:

This is not a chain setup tool.

This meant for chains that do not go more than a 1 (maybe 2) full revolutions of your drive sprocket. Obviously the product cannot go over a sprocket at all and is not meant for a drive train chain.

We used it for our intake arm last season, which had a drive motor down low and a rotation point up high for our ball intake. We rotated about 135 degrees total. The design of our arm (poorly counter balanced) made it difficult to give a fair assessment of the product, but overall it did tension well (the lack of counter balance made the chain bind or slip because the torque applied changed a lot over the 135 degree rotation).

It’s 2-3 inches long (could measure when I am in the shop). Remember that #25 chain is .25" pitch and try to scale the photo.


This device is intended to be used for tensioning chain that doesn’t do a full wrap…i.e. in a swerve setup.

It isn’t particularly strong, as the 4-40 bolts that are used to attach the chain are meant for light to medium duty loads.

That said it is a very effective and lightweight method for working with this size chain if used properly.

I’m surprised that we don’t have a drawing loaded for that product. :frowning:

I’ll get some dimensions later today.

Found a basic drawing and added it to the product page.


Thanks for the help. I am just using it to tension a chain at a dead end in continuous rigging system so it won’t need to go around a sprocket.