Spell: "Human Player"

I’m just curious what the correct spelling of “human player” is. I’ve seen it a few different ways this year. Can anyone out there help me?


P-A-Y-L-O-A-D S-P-E-C-I-A-L-I-S-T :smiley:

Do you mean how to spell Payload Specialist? Because if so, I don’t see any other way to spell it, aside from the all caps used in the manual I suppose.

according to the Q&A it is spelled “PAYLOAD SPECIAL1ST

Apparently they are trying to do a play on words. Personally I would prefer them to take the time and re-write the bumper rules so it says what they actually want instead of something that has been lawyered to death.

STRONGLY agreed.

Payload SpecialFirst?

oh dear…

on a side note, i hate it when FIRST renames parts of the game from previous years (eg Autonomous -> Hybrid). It just means i get yelled at when i call the “payload specialist” a “human player”


sorry i couldn’t resist.

WhoMn PlyR of course. :rolleyes:

If you look at this Q&A thread it looks like someone spelled it correctly in all caps. Look at what letters are missing, and think about what that spells. Apparently FIRST’s forums filter that word out because it’s one of ‘those’ medications…



now u see back in my day…we called those people human players, and we didnt have pilots, we had drivers :smiley:

JesseK’s got it. I noticed that abnormality several days ago. A case of an overly aggressive filter. It surfaced in FLL questions back in the fall, where you couldn’t say “free” without being censored. Although I must admit, prior to implementation, there were some particularly nasty things getting out there.

that is so true this year

According to FIRST’s one page game description, it’s"H-U-M-A-N P-L-A-Y-E-R"](http://www.usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/09_FRC_GameDescrip.pdf). What will the play-by-play person say?! He/She has to choose between a steady stream of people tell him/her that he/she is wrong, or leave lots of audience members scratching their heads. :rolleyes:

I love how the filter caused me to spend more time thinking about what, exactly it was filtering, thus resulting in increased awareness of the product in question.

We have specifically made a decision to not recruit a basketball player to shoot balls this year. First of all, having played a fair bit of b-ball and having thrown the orbit balls, I don’t think the skills are as closely related as they were in 2004, and secondly, we only travel with students who have made a committment to the robotics team, and this year we don’t have any crossover between basketball and robotics. I have nothing against teams who choose to recruit a basketball player to their team, but believe our best team effort will come from featuring committed robotics team members in key roles. After all, as we’ve been told, you get what you celebrate.

Besides… all the human player has to do is throw the ball to our robot. (At least, that is the theory…) How hard can that be? :smiley:


this is true. take an orbit ball and shoot it like a basketball from 30 feet out and try to make it 35 times in a row ( thats our record :smiley: ) its not easy.