Spelling is Fun.

You can now check spelling on your UFH Nominations, Image Descriptions, and White Paper Descriptions.

Let me know if you find any problems when using these new features.

I’m thinking there may be a bug in the UFH one, so you should all go test it out and nominate your heroes. nudge nudge :slight_smile:

Thanks Brandon!
That’s too cool, you do too much. =)

I think you just made the GRAMMAR CURMUDGEON really happy, brandon. :]

Wait! I’m the Grammar Curmudgeon!

Don’t you mean this grammar curmudgeon?

Or justthis curmudgeon?

Either way, spelling is fun.



i think brandon just made all of us happy…

what would we do without brandon? :ahh:

Greg is totally the Grammar Curmudgeon.

Amanda is just a big dork.

Brandon, kudos on this new feature.
When do you find time for this stuff?


when he is sitting down in his office area and cleaning his desks… :slight_smile:

close … i was sitting at work, with a few extra minutes around lunch time, and realized that it was a quick copy/paste … took about 3 minut-------err. i worked on it for hours last night, and lost several hours of sleep. i dont know what i was thinking. i had to type the whole dictionary into the system three times. and then i had to spell check the dictionary… word by----- 3 minute copy/paste. :slight_smile:

I actually wasn’t going to comment about how happy I was, and make a big scene like I did when the spellcheck came back.

But I really am ecstatic! :slight_smile:

Not to be looking at the appropriate dental appendages of the gift horse, but what about a grammar check when that equine has another sleepless night with which to contend???

No, I really am “just kidding.” (I think…) Many thanks for this feature. We can all use it from time to time.

this is the closest thing I can offer. :slight_smile:


i love the spelling check but they say to
Ewes spiel cheek
Whilst a spell checker should work, there is so much use in a read through beforehand

Oh no!

Oh my gosh! We’re all finally going to figure out what Tytus has been trying to say all of these years! Yay spell check! :smiley:

Hey Brandon…

Is there any way to make the spell checker thing skip web URLs?

Like why is “www” not a word? or “chiefdelphi” (non capitalized as seen in the URL)??


In that URL alone, I get about 6 errors. “HTTP” “www” “ChiefDelphi” “show thread” “PHP” “thread id”.

Weird… I find myself hitting the ignore button more than the change button on my posts… :ahh:


Although I did get a kick out of ‘showthread’ being ‘shortbread’.

I would like to bring this thread to the top again.

I am seeing more and more spelling errors. Please, please, please use the spell check. This may be a lot to ask, but please read through your post before you hit submit. If there are grammatical errors… fix them… if there are spelling errors… fix them… it really won’t take that long and you will come out looking like a smarter person!

(and this post is not aimed at people from other countries… it is aimed at people who type a really quick post and hit submit without reading what they have just typed.)

Just one quick one that’s been bothering me. Congratulations, not congradulations please. I know, it seems trivial but I cringe everytime I see it. It’s almost as bad as its and it’s. Thanks!

You’re dead on. I’ll remind the group…

“Its” is possessive, such as “The robot had its arm fixed by the technical mastermind that is Billfred.”

“It’s” is a contraction for “it is,” such as “Anyone reading the above sentence would know it’s really exaggerating to call Billfred a technical mastermind.”