People seem to putting some indicator after words that they know are spelled wrong but can’t spell.
I propose a standard. Say, miisplled (sp?)
And the wonderous thing I use, www.dictionary.com. Tis great.
What do yall think about the standdard(sp?)?

now now, some quick posts arent worth the chek (sp?) of dictionary.com
also keep in mind there are occaseonal (sp?) typos.
now stop poking fun of the situateon (sp?)

I dunno, I used (org. spelling) as in, original spelling, to mark a type in one of my posts (one of very few ever) and get reamed from someone who though i was making a “personal insult” to them:rolleyes: Huh?

I’ll use that, Wetzel, from now on, if i make a typo, I’ll put (sp.) afterwards.

Go figure, check out the Fork Lift Robot post in the gneral forum if you want to see my typo cause major distress:eek:

–Ben Mitchell (wow, i’ve posted a lot lately)

Don’t you just hate it when people do tat? (sp?)

I ate (sp?) that to (sp?)

The speling drove me knuts the furst few munths I red this bored, but now I’m getting use too it.

Seriously though, folks -

A couple of tips from the grammar Nazi.

your - second person possessive pronoun : “Your robot rocks.”
you’re - you are - “You’re bringing your robot to Florida, right?”

their - third person plural possessive pronoun: “Their robot smells like the dumpster behind the White House”
there - a place
they’re - they are - “They’re bringing their robot there”

Flame me if you must, these are just a few pet peeves of mine.


please spell this word correctly–“D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y” yes, definitely!!! It HAS to be the most misspelled word in all of the CD threads. It matters not the level of education of the author, it seems to be a tough word to spell.

Remember, the E’s are on the outside and the I’s are in the middle. :wink:

And it is definately NOT spelled <— way!!!

Mighty Mouse is on his way…

I dont care if my words are spelled right or wrong or used in the right context or not. I just dont care. I just dont care. I need help!

Ok, someone has too much time on their hands to make up a new thread about speling! (sp) So what if we kan’t spel? (sp) We are al juts havn’ fun! Leve us alone!!

(just leave a note at the bottom instead of doing thoes little “SP” things. That is why I started to do thoes sp things, than stoped!!)

Uhm, why not add spell checking functionality to vBulletin? Somthing along the lines of what “LiveJournal” uses? It takes too long to look up every single world that might be wrong, but I think most people would be willing to hit a spell-check button before hitting the post reply button. :wink: