SPI Port

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On the 2006 controller, the PIC micro had the SPI port #2 connected to the Relay outs 5, 6 and 7. With this upcoming season almost upon us, I have thinking about ways to use an SPI port to talk to custom electronics. Not being a programmer, I wonder if any one has written code for such a purpose, ie using the SPI port with the relay outputs of the RC.

Does anyone have a definitive answer about this? Do we have access to the SPI ports? Can we use them to communicate with external electronics?

Thanks for any help.

In the past, teams have communicated to electronics using one of the two serial ports on the RC (the TTL one the camera normally uses, or the programming port), or by communicating through the digital in/out pins. Depending on what functionality you need, you can use either the serial ports or the digital in/out pins to talk to custom electronics.

The master code does not give you access to those SPI ports. Some SPI devices allow alternative form of signaling like PWM or analog.

I beiliev yongkimleng answered your question in that thread you are refering to. However you can use the program port and ttl port for serial access.

Also, if I remember correctly, these outputs are pulled up to prevent them being hijacked by another SPI compatible device. I may be wrong though, in which case I will wear a coconut bra at kickoff.