Spike Code will not run

when i download the code to the robot, the DS will say no code, but if i comment out the spike code, everything runs fine… any ideas why, offer help and solutions?:confused:

this is my code with the victor part commented out:

#include “WPILib.h”


  • This is a demo program showing the use of the RobotBase class.
  • The SimpleRobot class is the base of a robot application that will automatically call your
  • Autonomous and OperatorControl methods at the right time as controlled by the switches on
  • the driver station or the field controls.
    class RobotDemo : public SimpleRobot
    RobotDrive *mecanumDrive; // robot drive system
    DriverStation *ds; // driver station
    Joystick *xbox;
    Joystick *LeftStick;
    Joystick *RightStick;
    Victor *ArmLift;
    Victor *ClawTwist;
    // Relay *Claw;
    Victor *ArmLift2;

xbox = new Joystick(1);
ds = DriverStation::GetInstance();
mecanumDrive = new RobotDrive(1, 2, 3, 9); //frontLeft, RearLeft, FrontRight, RearRight
LeftStick = new Joystick(3);
RightStick = new Joystick(2);
// Claw = new Relay(1);
ArmLift = new Victor(6);
ArmLift2 = new Victor(7);
ClawTwist = new Victor(8);

void Autonomous(void)
	mecanumDrive->MecanumDrive_Cartesian(0.0, 0.0, 0.0);		

void OperatorControl(void)
	while (IsOperatorControl())
		mecanumDrive->MecanumDrive_Cartesian(xbox->GetX(), xbox->GetY(), xbox->GetZ());			
		ArmLift->Set( RightStick->GetY());

/** GetWatchdog().Feed();
if (RightStick->GetTrigger()) // If Right Joystick Trigger is HELD
if (LeftStick->GetTrigger()) // If Right Joystick Trigger is HELD
else // If Right Joystick Trigger is RELEASED


CDer’s We really need help on this one. As long as the spike code is commented out everything runs correctly (jags, victors etc.) however when spike code is included the bot doesn’t recognize that there is any code loaded. We have reimaged, formatted, rebooted, recompiled etc. Any help is greatly appreciated! :confused: :confused:

Can you look at the console output while the program is starting up? That should give you come clues as to the nature of the problem.

It doesn’t look like you have a big enough program for this to be an issue, but perhaps the “mlongcall” fix would help (search on Chief Delphi for details).

I will try to run the net console, but i have no experience with this, could you explain how to do that or where to go to get this information. It will probably be about 4:00 PM central time before i can do this

I am actually in the class room now, i will but until 1:00. enabled net console with the cRIO imaging tool. and i ran the net console program and got no response even when trying to load code.

Well we could never figure out why, but I did a fresh install of windriver on a different computer, and reluctantly rewrote the code from scratch and now its running but our spike will not go in forward for some reason, I’m going to make a thread about this problem.