Spike Connection

I’m sorry but i couldn’t find the answer in my search so i’ll ask a question i’m sure others have asked before.

How do I control the Spike ?

I could only make a motor turn one way or stop turning at all. how do i turn it in the other way?

do I connect the spike to the RC using a PWM output or a digital output?

how do i control it through the software?

From www.ifirobotics.com

Spike - User’s Guide (.pdf)
Spike - Installation Info (.pdf)
Spike - FAQ

First of all, read the above noted documents posted by Katie.

Now… you need to make sure that you are not trying to control any of the CIM, FP, Globe or the Taigene motors using the spike relays. The are not designed to handle the current draw.

Second, if you are looking to turn on/off (at full speed) the Mabuchi motor, then you could utilize a relay. If however you are trying to vary the speed of the motor, you have to use a speed controller.

Both Bob and Katie’s posts are correct. I will try to elaborate.

The spike must be connected to a relay output on your robot controller.

Modify the default RC code to control the spike. As an example, the following code will cause a motor that is connected to a Spike that is connected to relay output 3 on the RC to run backwards:

	relay3_fwd = 0;
	relay3_rev = 1;

Be sure to read the documentation Katie posted and follow directions for wiring precisely!

Good luck!

Yeah, we were connecting it to the wrong output :rolleyes:

Thanks guys :slight_smile: it works great now :slight_smile: