Spike power problems

Getting dangerously close to ship!
We have 3 different parts of our robot that require motor power
Drive - Manip Loader - Manip Spitter
We’re powering the loader through a spike because we don’t need variable speed on it, and the drive and spitter are through victors.
The drive has one CIM on each side, the loader uses 2 CIMs with a toughbox, and the spitter uses 2 banebot motors.
The problem we’re running into is when the loader hits a ball, there is a voltage drop and its popping the breaker in the spike - the breaker in the power distribution block is fine, but we got tired of blowing fuses and put auto resetting breakers in the spikes.
At first we found that the spikes were on the 40 amp section, so we moved them to the 20, then found that we had different wire gauges, and fixed that problem, but we’re still popping the breakers.
We’re kinda stumped - anyone have any thoughts

You need to use a Victor or Jaguar with a CIM. The starting load is too high, and any stall will quickly ramp up the current to the point where the fuse will pop. Save yourself a lot of effort and put two Victors on it with whatever size breaker you want. You can try using the 20AMP breaker you already have if you do not want to run wire again. If it trips the breaker, go up to 40AMP with 12 or 10AW wire.

You may not power a CIM or FP motor through a Spike relay. See <R54>A in the 2009 Game Manual.

BAH! OK - We’ll adjust elsewhere.
Thank you for this information.