Spike Relays

I just went on the VEX site to get some information about the Spike relay, and saw that the listing states “Discontinued - While supplies last”. Anyone have an insight into what will be replacing the Spike?

We typically use a lot of these, and depending on the replacement - I can’t say I’m going to be terribly upset to see them go…at least based on the quantity that got angrily chucked across the room into a trash can after hours of troubleshooting.

Ask Vex? They have good customer service.:wink:

My guess is something more in line with the new Victor/Talon form factor.

I remember a few years ago they were testing a new relay device. I don’t know what ever came from that, but maybe the spikes are getting replaced, which wouldn’t surprise me. They are the oldest electronic item currently sold. I could see a CAN relay becoming popular, especially since they are limited to 4 relay ports on the RoboRIO. Plus with the size of solid state relays nowadays, you could probably make a 2-4 port Relay box fairly easily, using 1 CAN connection.

That was my guess. The Beta test dual solenoid modules did look pretty slick. Although I could see CAN relays becoming a thing too. Heck, in a few years, I could even see PWM going bye bye as well.

I don’t know very much about the electronics side of things, but I am pretty sure PWM has some distinct advantages over CAN (CAN default refresh rates are pretty bad, they can max-out, and the protocol is (I think) expensive, proprietary, and complex). It could very likely see a decline, but I doubt they would completely eliminate PWM anytime soon.

Again, I just hit buttons until the robot goes, so I might be totally off the mark here.

CAN isn’t the only alternative. Serial communication (SPI) is a valid communications means as well.