SPIKE relays

Has any one else noticed that the Innovation FIRST website only shows the RED Spike relays?

This changes the wiring diagram compared to the spikes we received the last two years. The solenoids will now always be ‘HOT’ (12v+).

The BLUE spikes are still available from IFI.

??? The only difference is a built in 10% dead zone, which is best for FIRST because 10% won’t move a bot

The dead zone apply’s to the Victors, I think it was the red 884 was for arm positioning without the Dead zone

The spike wiring for red and blue should be in the manual, here it is:

The “red” Relay Modules connect the M+ and M- outputs to +12 Vdc when in the off state. The “blue” Relay Modules connect the M+ and M- outputs to Ground when in the off state. On both
types, M+ is connected to +12 Vdc and M- is connected to Ground when the Relay Module is in “Forward” mode, and vice versa for “Reverse” mode. Normally, the Relay Modules are connected
across both leads of a DC motor, which means that both types provide equivalent bi-directional motor control. However, it may be desirable to utilize the M+ and M- outputs to independently
control simple on-off devices or motors which only need to run in a single direction, in order to reduce the number of Relay Modules needed. If independent control of two devices is to be used, the wiring must be based on the type of Relay Module.

The spike will have 12V at both terminals with no ‘potential’ between them thus the the solenoit will not shift