Spike Schematic

I am sure that everyone will find the attached Spike Schematic helpful.

I gave a class for the electrical students and the subject of the workings of the Spike came up. I never really understood how these things worked so I took one apart and drew the schematic. It really is simple. I had to guess at a few things but the schematic is close enough to help the students understand how it works.

Mike Webb Mentor Team 79 Team KRUNCH

frc-spike-relay1.pdf (28.7 KB)

frc-spike-relay1.pdf (28.7 KB)

frc-spike-relay1.pdf (28.7 KB)

Looks good,

I may be wrong, but It appears you have the red and green LED’s the wrong way around.

When PWM White is high, RLY1 fires such that there is 12v at M+, turning the voltage across D5 and R3 to 0v, thus effectivly turning off green LED and leaving the red one on. This is contary to what I’ve observed on spikes and the truth table from the manual: http://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/spike-blue-guide-sep05.pdf

Are the component numbers in your schematic the same as those on the silk screen? Also what revision Spike do you have? I’ve got a REV D and it has a few extra resistors and diodes.

Aside from that, looks good :slight_smile: