Ok, we need some help. The diagram for the electrical calls for 6 spikes, but the kit we recieved only contains 4. Is anyone else having this problem? If it is supposed to be layed out like this, how do we make it work with only the 4?

You may purchase more Spikes from IFI. You may also use Victors instead of Spikes for controlling motors (but not the compressor); they can be programmed to do basically the same thing.

But is it supposed to come with only 4? And will it actually work for us if we don’t buy more? And what are Victors?

spikes and victors are used for controlling motors pneumatics

spikes can only go full forwards full backwards or off

whereas victors are variable speed and operate on a scale of 0 to 254, 127 being neutral, 254 full speed forward, 0 full speed backwards.

there are only supposed to be 4 spikes and 4 victors in the kit and only the amount needed to operate your motors is needed i.e if you have 2 motors you want to have variable speed control over and 1 motor you want on or off control over you would need 2 victors and 1 spike

you don’t have to use everything they give you or show (in terms of motors, spikes, and victors). . . If you do use something you have to wire it that way in the correct pattern (with the correct terminal strip and breakers). . .

For Example. . . If you don’t use Pneumatics you probably won’t be using Spikes at all. . .

Also same applies for Victors 884s. If you use 3 motors you will use 3 victors and not try and use X that they show in the diagram

The kit of parts only comes with four Spikes.

If you have six motors, you need six Spikes/Victors to drive them (choose Spike vs. Victor depending on the motor, and what you want to do with them). Check section 8 of the rules for a full description of what you can and can’t do.

Victors are speed controllers that take a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal from the RC and a 12 V input from a circuit breaker, and use it to generate what is essentially a variable-voltage output for a motor. This lets you adjust motor speed (almost) anywhere between -12 V, 0 V and +12 V (full forward, idle and full reverse, respectively), represented in the RC code with 0, 127 and 254, respectively.

Spikes are electronic relays (they switch both +ve and -ve terminals). They can only give full forward, idle and full reverse voltages to the motor attached.