Spindexer -> Turret handoff mechanisms?

What are the ways that teams load power cells into their turrets from a spindexer?


We use an omni wheel that the balls roll over, and two PVC pipes that the balls roll on on their way to the shooter wheel. The most important part is to make sure the wheel has time to accelerate before the balls touch it, because if it won’t the balls will behave inconsistently.

Do you have any photos?

I would have a look at 4481’s build thread from this year. They were the first team that I saw publicly experimenting with a spindexer, and they’ve got some great photos and videos of their progression with it throughout the build season.


That looks great! Thank you. They seem to have a center unloading mechanism, unlike teams like 148 that seem to have their shooter off center - any idea how those work?

1619 has an interesting way of doing that- I’d check out their 2020 reveal video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TeZc5jDEdE
From what I can see they have wheels underneath the turret that load the balls in.

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This is great! Thank you

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Hold up… can we just talk about how the turret is on an elevator???


Our shooter is off centre and it works great. Originally it was going to be in the middle, however I there were several conflicts with other systems and I had to move it to the side. In the end, moving it to the side had several additional benefits, for example it allowed me to put the climbing winch and gearbox next to the shooter.
The omni-wheel on a motor worked fantastic. The motor is spinning at around full speed and the gearbox is a 4 : 1. The added velocity on the ball increased the efficacy of the shooter while also being the loudest part of the robot.


What do the balls slide on the side further away from that omni wheel?

Was stuck between the swamp thing folding tower and this style of elevating tower for my, “If I could build my own robot,” design. You can do some really interesting things with extending conveyors…


We have a 4-cell spindexer made from 6mm aircraft plywood. Basically, our robot holds 4 balls in the spindexer and 1 in the intake.
Below is an early version of the robot that shows the spindexer


How do y’all spin your “carousel”? Is it similar to your rotating turret design?

not on the team but I would assume they have a motor in the center hub/axerl going through the center thats driven by a motor
different from a turret because for a turret you need things to pass through the center so they are driven by a belt/chain/gear that loops around the outside of the turret this would be a pain to do on a spindexer due to the amount of teeth needed around the outside

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Kind of. There is a 192T 20DP Onyx 3DP ring gear attached to the spindexer. Then there is a 20T aluminum pinion that was on a 9:1 Versa Planetary gearbox and is driven by a NEO 550

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Just to specify: the difference is on the turret I designed a 3DP lazy susan with the gear teeth built into it and the spindexer has a T6-LS lazy susan from Triangle.

How well did it work for you? Was there any issue with getting the feed-rate consistent?

@jago21, I’m not sure how you got the link to this video, it is in a private channel. Oh well, no harm done.
So, in all fairness, here is the link to the Playlist that this video is a part of.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Was it public at one point? I found it on YouTube a couple of months ago when researching for our summer projects.