Spindexer -> Turret handoff mechanisms?

It is still unlisted, but I guess that doesn’t make it private. Now that I shared the link, all bests are off. :wink:

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Unlisted means it won’t come up in search or show on your list of videos, that said… It still has a link, and if you have you can watch it and view it.

OK, that is what I thought as well.
“If you have a link…” AND " it won’t come up in search …" made me wonder how it came to the surface in the first place.

Truth be told, @R.C emailed me a couple weeks ago asking if this was our robot. Same video. That just tells me that of the couple people in all of FIRST that I shared it with privately, one of them sprung a leak.
Again, with how 2020 went, I truely am not concerned in the least.


While leaks are never good, there may be something to say about having a robot so good that people pass the leak around. 2073 is too pro!


It worked exceptionally

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