Is there already a kit we dont know about?

Please excuse my team mate. He’s got some screws missing. But I am sort of curious now, might have to ask the Q&A about that.

I’m just curious, do you have 3 different team names for #964? He has 2 team names next to his name that are different from the one next to your name.

He never updated his team name here from last year. We’re officially registered as The Robocats.

well we arent diverting from the subject, but now that the other matter is closed.

How hard do you think it would be to make a set of spinners, im sure if u get the designs for ones for a car you can just scale them down a bit and tweak them a bit…maybe.

I believe that would be considered a non-functional decoration, which is illegal. I don’t have the manual on me right now so I can’t give a specific rule number, but it should be somewhere in Section 8-The Robot.

Edit: Looks as if Roger has proved me wrong…

not quite; non-functional decorations are allowed, as long as they abide by section 8.3.11


I’ve seen teams with spinners before. Couldn’t name them though, sorry


Team 342, Burning Magnetos (I think thats how you spell their name) had spinners on their 2006 robot I believe.

The Duct Tape Bandits (Team 467) had spinners on their 2005 robot as well.

Spinners could be done by tapping the end of a drive shaft for a shoulder screw, to hold a bearing. The bearing would then be pressed into you spinner so that it would run on the shoulder screw. This way they would be removable should dome judge ever question the legality.

Thats who I saw. I’m in CT, so I’ve seen DTB’s bot before. Never been to a florida regional tho…

O well,

We were going to use spinners this year, but we cant this year because of our design. *cant give away anything just yet :stuck_out_tongue: *. I really want to see some of these this year

Now that would be cool to have a camera on your robot for a video! Just think of it’s point of view.

Hmm, I could find a cheap camera and rig it on there somehow. I’d have to find a way to power it off the battery, but that’s a thought.