Spiral retaining rings

Has anyone tried spiral retaining rings instead of the easy-to-stretch-out snap rings? I suspect they are a bit more tolerant of abuse, and they dont need anything more special than a small screwdriver.

The Smalley ones, McMaster 91665A420

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At $4.34/10 pack you might as well try keychain rings first

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Haven’t tried them in FRC. It’s neat that they fit into exactly the same groove as the standard external retaining ring 97633A200.


Are they good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, do people like them?


I use larger ones at work all the time and they are great, but I have not tried anything as small as a FRC shaft. I think the smallest I’ve used is 100mm

Same here: they are the go-to ring at work, but waaaay larger :wink:

We also use them a lot at work. I actually like them over regular rings - They don’t deform as easy, and you don’t need special tools to install them (although it’s still a bit tricky).

I’ve ordered some to try out!

I have the internal ones in the pistons on my Hemi, but never tried them for FRC…

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Actual ring on our favorite shaft!!
And… what happens when you take it off :frowning:


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Ok, the other picture…


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