Splicing in LEDs to RSL?

Is it OK to splice in a couple LEDs to the RSL? We didn’t think about it, but they flash when the robot is engaged. Looks cool, but we don’t want to be illegal! We couldn’t find any rules against it except for one talking about military grade LEDs. I don’t think we are that, because these came in the kit of parts!

It would likely be ruled illegal under R66, which states:

The Driver Station software, roboRIO, Power Distribution Panel, Pneumatics Control Modules, Voltage Regulator Modules, RSL, 120A breaker, motor controllers, relay modules (per R29-B),
Wireless Bridge, and batteries shall not be tampered with, modified, or adjusted in any way (tampering includes drilling, cutting, machining, rewiring, disassembling, painting, etc.)


I don’t think that’s what they mean by “rewiring” - as teams are constantly making their own RSL wires and that’s not illegal - I think that verbiage is meant to referring to modifying the electronic component itself and not the path of the wires.

I am not saying it is legal, just that the section of R66 you quoted isn’t talking about this situation.


This is probably a good question for the Q&A. As far as I see, there are no restrictions on where CUSTOM CIRCUITS get their power from and no restrictions on the roboRIO RSL port itself, only any RSLs connected to it. I have a strong feeling Q&A will say no, but it’s worth asking.

Edit: I stand corrected, @Peter_Johnson has the right rule. RSL and roboRIO are both called out in R66, so you can’t modify the power pathway between them.

The other rule applicable here is R56.

CUSTOM CIRCUITS shall not directly alter the power pathways between the ROBOT battery, PDP, motor controllers, relays (per R29-B), motors and actuators (per R27), pneumatic solenoid valves, or other elements of the ROBOT control system (items explicitly mentioned in R66). Custom high impedance voltage monitoring or low impedance current monitoring circuitry connected to the ROBOT’S electrical system is acceptable, if the effect on the ROBOT outputs is inconsequential

Are the LEDs high impedance voltage monitoring? Since they take more than a small amount of current, I wouldn’t say they’re high impedance…

I would assume that wiring your LEDs in with the RSL would not be legal, but I don’t know the specific rule that would prevent that. I assume that the problem is that if anything were to go wrong with your LEDs, you would lose the RSL signal as well.

Legality aside… you can produce the same effect in your user code on the robot. All you need to do is create a subsystem with a period method that turns a relay on and off.

Guys, you are missing the defining rule…
R65. ROBOTS must use at least one (1), but no more than two (2), diagnostic ROBOT Signal Lights (RSL) (P/N: 855PB-B12ME522).
Anything else connected to the RoboRio RSL output is not allowed under this rule.

R65 doesn’t actually restrict it in that way though. It just says “Any RSL must be: (B) connected to the “RSL” supply terminals on the roboRIO”. It does not explicitly say something to the effect of “this is the only load that can be connected to those terminals”.

R56 is the closest I can find to actually prohibiting connecting any other loads to those terminals.

Just to be clear, I think it should be illegal, but the rules could be a bit clearer about it.

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