Splicing Signal Cables

Is it possible to splice signal cables together on servos, and have them draw their power directly from the power distribution board? And more importantly, is this legal?

Also, how many wires do you think can be spliced (talking about PWM cables) together before there is to much signal loss?

Servos drawing power from the PDB, in general… well, that’s pretty complex in terms of possibility. You’d have to keep all the servo wires inside the PDB’s Wago connectors, which they’re too small for individually. And, you run right up against [R42-D] requiring only one wire per Wago port, along with [R50-B], which requires servos to run into the PDB.

Why? Are you out of PWM outputs on the digital sidecar? If so you can add a second digital sidecar.

Servos draw 6v of power from the Digital Sidecar.

The Power Distribution Panel supplies 12v for most things (plus 24v for cRIO and Solenoid Breakout, and 5v for camera.

So that would fry a servo, right?

ok, thank you everyone, the intention was because I was running out of ports on the DSC, and I had temporarily forgotten that you can have a second DSC. Thank you everyone.