Split thread: Applications of Gracious Professionalism on ChiefDelphi

Welcome to CD, where the mentors are worse than the students at keeping a convo on topic and GP.

I know this got hit on earlier, but ive seen teams do way more with the visual Mindstorms programming than what a low-mid tier average team would accomplish with a FRC robot. Its pretty insane what the Mindstrom programming can do when you slap enough kids at it…


I was more concerned with the attitudes of those responding to the OP. Morning the loss of Gracious Professionalism - not only with this thread, but many others.
Yes, there is a loss of certain skills; however, newer skills are learned.
No, FRC will probably never become a true “plug & play”.


Reminds me of a thread on CD about foul language in the workplace…an argument of deciding if it is part of a professional environment…it actually became ridiculous.
Sad that some mentors seem to enjoy the “gotcha” moment or demeaning others who are still learning.

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Chief is still better than r/FRC and the FRC Discord…


The FRC Discord can at least admit it has issues and works on its issues instead of trying to hide it…


Thanks for splitting this off, Billfred.

So what’s up, brethren? Why is Oblarg’s post hidden? I do not agree with him about the historic standard of discourse on Chief. My opinion doesn’t make his post “bad behavior”. Let’s think a little harder before reaching for that tiny flag.


I disagree with you and since my opinion is infallible your post must be toxic.

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flags post


Everytime I’ve been on the discord it’s very friendly and not toxic at all. I’m only really involved in the programming channels though


it’s worth flagging imo because it’s not productive to spotlight it for what it is from the given messenger: unearned self righteousness built on hypocrisy.


This thread seems un-GP


Discord differs from CD in that people cuss, and it moves very quickly. I’ve not found it to be toxic or unhelpful.


Well, at least one of them was mine when I flagged it as off topic resulting in the split thread. I ASSUMED that would be cleared and reset the flag counter when it was split off. If not that feels like an oversight in the forum software.

Aside that, I don’t know beyond people not liking it which is a poor reason to flag things.


Going back at least eight years (since I joined the forum, so that’s as far as my memory stretches), CD has always had piquant replies to bad ideas. Supporting students in their academic, professional, and personal growth does not equate to removing snark or criticism. CD is routinely superior to just about any forum or social media environment I can think of, in almost every aspect. I don’t share the OP’s opinion.

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I feel this has a lot more to due with people getting bored.

During the build season threads and ideas are flying and people seem to responded well to them and provide helpful answers pretty quickly (though I know rule discussions can get heated sometimes as there’s a lot more at stake to the community at whole)

Right now we’re all just waiting…

… … …

much easier to pick apart nuance things when you have the time.


I think a lot of the split between mentors and students on CD comes from younger students not being used to forums and being used to more of a message platform. I’ve noticed I recent years CD has a lot more short quick questions that don’t fit the typical forum thread style. The discord is more suited to answer these styles of questions.

Members that have been around longer post lots of helpful information. However, younger or less informed students treatCD more like a discord service. Where someone responds quickly with an immediate answer

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Before someone asks why this post is flagged: I would say that a reasonable person might consider calling someone else a self-righteous hypocrite and dismissing their argument because of that to be an ad hominem, which is specifically banned in the forum guidelines.

I do hope that that was NOT the original intent, and that there was a better argument that just didn’t make it onto the page…


Also: I find it 100% ironic that a thread about applying

Gracious Professionalism

on CD has an abnormally high flag rate.


I understand that this may be a bit too soon, but I’m going there anyway.

How about this:

We post on CD as we were having this dialogue in front of Woodie. If you wouldn’t do it in a conversation in front of Woodie, then don’t do it here.

I think it’s the least we can do in honoring his life.

And I believe snark has no place on this forum maybe except for chit chat.


Maybe it’s just me, but the responses in any thread that are obviously snarky and not helpful, I just tend to ignore. If someone has to feel better about themselves by being like that, then that is something they have to deal with, and I’ll just choose to pass on by. It works for me, though I understand ymmv…

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Thanks Paul… I’ll try harder to behave. and