[Split Topic] Archiving and Rehosting Event Streams

Really wish people would give RSN or CC a chance to upload to YouTube before downloading and posting their own YT channels and to TBA. As a content creator this is frustrating. On the other side it would be great if FIRST shared their software to instantly parsing and uploading match video so we could get it up quicker. Ty’s Match Splitter definitely expedites this process but it’s still time consuming.


Thanks Tyler! You can expect match video at source quality to be up sometime after Sunday.

The tool that FIRST uses for official events during the season relies on FMS sync being on, which is it not for this offseason (notwithstanding that this event uses Chezy Arena as well :smiley: ).

After doing Texas Cup and BattleCry, I find the real liming factor is YouTube’s limit to only uploading 100 videos a day without special API access.


How many videos are you uploading if consistently running into the 100 video limit?

It’s complicated, but…over 100 :smiley:

For accounts that have been around for a while and YT knows are not bots / spam, they will let you upload 100 videos in a 24 hour period. For a single event, you can get by (a district is 80 matches + 14-18 playoffs), but if you have two fields, or more than 40 teams, or two different days of events, you end up bottlenecked.

The other part is that if you have a channel YT trusts, you generally have some number of thousands of subscribers, who may or may not be interested in being bombarded by 100 subscription notifications at once. I know when we upload match video en masse to our RSN YouTube channel, we lose an appreciable number of subscribers.

Instead, we’ve been using our RSN Match Archive channel for quals matches. BUT that channel is new, so I can only upload 25 match videos in a 24 hour period.


I really appreciate the work that RSN and the CC organizers put into their content. I truly do. But being upset that someone other than them has uploaded match footage to YouTube and linked it to the TBA is a little ridiculous IMO.

TBA has a button on every individual match page asking you to link match footage you have. People are doing something they’re fully allowed to do, and from my perspective, helping the community out in the proccess. Twitch is blocked on my work network, so my only real opportunity to see these matches is when someone uploads footage to YouTube. The sooner this happens, for me (and I’m sure for others too), the better.

Where is the harm in having multiple uploads of the same match footage?


Fix subscriber notification problems - YouTube Help?
Typically, YT will not notify subscribers more than 3x a day from a channel. There is an option that you have to manually select on each video where you can have a video not notify a subscriber.


It’s manual and a pain, but you can select that option.

Upset that someone downloaded owned media from a Twitch page and then re-uploaded it? They didn’t even credit RSN. This qualifies for a YT copyright strike.

It benefits the community to have the content up as quick as possible. We need to find better solutions to make that happen either through FIRST or from the community.


Apropos software, have you tried out https://github.com/FIRSTIsrael/gameday-splitter?

Surely someone in FRC knows someone at Google who could help remove this restriction from accounts.


Nope, I’ll take a look. Thank you :slight_smile:

I guess the conflicting opinion here is that I view match footage/streams as a community resource, not someone’s personal property.

I’m certain that in the eyes of the law, your view on this is most certainly the correct one. No argument there. But from a FIRST/community perspective, who cares who uploaded what? It’s not as though we’re talking about one of the interviews that the RSN team produced. It’s just match footage (autonomous bell ring, to match scores posted).

In the end, it’s likely best to agree to disagree on this. I doubt us bickering in the 2021 CC thread is really going to benefit anyone.


I’ve used a program called Replay Media Splitter that makes this process of splitting up the livestream into match videos much quicker. I could do the entire event in probably less than an hour. I would definitely recommend it if it’s the time that’s keeping you from uploading them. If you don’t want to buy the program, I’d be happy splitting it up for you and sending you the videos so you can upload it under your name if you don’t want other people uploading the videos, just for the sake of having it up faster.


Here’s one specifically for FRC: https://github.com/tytremblay/frc-video-splitter-3


My way of not bombarding subscribers subscriptions feeds is uploading the videos as unlisted, but dropping into a public playlist.
TBA can still access, and if anyone wants to watch in sequence they’re able to through the playlist.

As someone who constantly is downloading twitch streams for NE events, sorry Twitch backups are temporary, and official sources don’t reliably back up individual match videos to YouTube and submit to TBA. I don’t know what the reason is, but assume it’s that people get pretty busy mid season with actually running events and don’t have time to cut up videos and upload to YouTube (totally understandable).

I’d gladly not put the work in to cut up videos and upload myself… But if that’s what it takes for there to be a backup of nearly every match for NE events… So be it. There’s too many matches and events with zero content… It’s not worth the dice roll IMO.

FUN/Top25 in 2019 commented on how long it took for NE match videos to be uploaded… Meanwhile streaming video I cut up from a twitch stream… lol

Until there’s a reliable central source, this is how it is.
It’s not about stealing views from content creators, it’s about making sure the videos are available somewhere, anywhere, in the future. I’ll gladly forego the likes and subs for the original content creators to get their dues… but too often nothing happens and it’s all lost to time.

This is not to minimize the work Ty, Francis, and others have put in for YEARS in NE and the broader community.


Let’s imagine for a moment that there is an FRC event, and some FRC fan has the recording of it. It’s been a few weeks, and no one from the event has uploaded the match video, and it is now unavailable on Twitch. What should the person do?

  • Do nothing
  • Upload it publicly to YouTube, without crediting anyone. After all, anyone could have recorded the event.
  • Upload the videos to YouTube, but credit the people putting on/streaming the event. It’s important to give credit to all the hard work that went into the event.
  • Request permission to upload from the people putting on the event before posting the videos
  • Give the videos to the people hosting the event to upload under their name
  • Something else (specify below)

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I’d like to know what the proper action would be if someone wants to upload match video for the good of the FRC community. What’s the best way to get the videos out there without infringing the rights of the event hosts? Thanks!

For the two Indiana offseason events, I’ve talked with the AV person from the event prior to splitting and uploading the matches. Generally during the season, the matches automatically get uploaded to the FIRSTINRobotics channel while the event is in session and I think this is preferable (makes it consistent and easier to find).

On my personal YT channel I’ve uploaded about 25 events worth of matches most of which were converted from VHS/DVD. This was footage recorded by the AV group during the event and given to our team vs a stream rip. I think for legacy/archived content, since it wasn’t produced by any group putting up that kinda content, I don’t think there is any form of attribution that makes sense. Now for something like CC or IRI where there is a group doing the producing work to make the content and commentate, they should probably have the right to put up the content on their channel(s).

TLDR; Content needs to get uploaded at least to archive it. The creators should probably have priority as they put in the work to make the content.


I’ve split out 15 posts from the Chezy Champs 2021 thread, to keep that thread about the event, and this thread about stream archives.


Nice loaded answers there.

If its an official event, I havent bothered with crediting outside of reuploaded FIRSTWA videos that were striked due to music, as the event itself credits them (FIRST), unless you want something deeper (such as who they contracted out for the stream?) which frankly, is a bit overkill for a 3-20yr old match clip.

Offseasons are hit and miss. If you know who did it, theyre added? but more often than not its not known who did it. It seems like the 2019cc clip i uploaded went uncredited, if you want to know how ive done it in the past. The ones ive recorded (or have been asked to upload) i havent credited myself, i dont see a need to? Its a HS robotics comp, and (usually) an offseason at that. If im not making money off it, i dont see a need to be protective of any copyright in this instance and im dont exactly agree to the idea of a group using match archive content as a way to generate money, which is one of (but not only, to be clear) reasons to be striking down videos.

#1 reason why I upload more recent event matches. Twitch VOD’s arent reliable and are clunky to use, and you cant link them to TBA or share them to large swaths of people due to it being blocked on networks.


Re: Ty splitter, i still havent had the issues fixed discussed when it was released. I havent been able to make any use of it. ill have to poke at some of the other solutions posted here.