I was wondering how many teams out there had commercial sponsers that donate more than 1000 dolars to your team.
And how you get those big sponsers

We have 5 commercial sponsor over 1,000, plus 3 foundations over a thousand and the NASA KSGC 10000 grant.

Not all these are donations of money over a thousand. One lets us use a building with utilities for free, another is for both mentor time (figured out to be several thousand for one mentor), and one is the matching program from Wal-mart(we raised a thousand through a raffle and they matched it last year), not sure about this year (thought matching was a one time offer).

Mostly we just ask and get our name out there. That is the best I see. We send letters to business and make phone calls and visits if needed. We also try to take advantage of any parent with connection to a business. Making your team known by making a contact in your local paper can be good. A team member writes a weekly article in our paper during the build season about our progress.

Because I mention a couple 1000 + sponsors I’ll mention them all so they get equal coverage (KSGC/NASA, Baehr Foundation, Knights of Columbus, Electric Shop, Inc., Sutherland Family Limited Partnership, Team Bank, N.A., Wal-mart(Paola, KS), Roman Foundation, Kauffman Foundation (Also helping with 2005 KC regional), ABC Productions, Inc., Devry University).

I just finished answering a similar question on Woburn’s Ask188 system a couple hours ago for another team, and we’ve gotten a few sponsorship questions before through Ask188. Here’s the text of that response; I hope it’s helpful. If anyone has further questions about our team, ask away. Sorry, I won’t (and can’t) give any more info about our sponsors’ contributions than i have in this quote, because money issues are really between them and us. Also, note that all figures are $CDN, and that I am addressing someone from a Canadian team.

Oh, one more thing: here’s our Sponsors page.

team 1126 from rochester, new york has only one SPONSOR XEROX! but he have supposrters… we get well over 1,000 from xerox im thinking 10 times that… good luck to all… they came to our school looking to make a team.

We had 19 different companies donate money, materials, or supplies that we valued over $500. Of those the following amounts over $1,000 were

$24,000 - Ford Motor Company
$20,000 - time and materials Laron Incorporated
$4,000 - Southwire
$2,000 - West Cost Netting
$1,000 - H and H Printers, Timken, Bearing Belt Chain, I-Corp Arizona, Brackett Aircraft, Repo Depot, Gear Up,

We have a marketing plan that we put together. It has taken us about 5 years to reach this level of success. If you want to find the marketing plan you can download it form our web site at www.team60.com. If you want any other help just e-mail me and we will help any way we can.

Team 60

don’t take this as a bash…however…a “sponser” is probably looking for a team who can spell “sponser” (SPONSOR)

businesses are business like. if you want a business to sponsor your team, your must portray yourself in a business-like manner…especially when first approaching them. don’t forget the little things…shirts tucked in, hair looking nice and combed (a lot of times the money has to come from somebody older than your parents and odds are he doens’t want to see a 'fro), etc. have things planned out and things ready to hand out. have concrete examples of how your team impacts it’s students, other students, and the community…but most of all…please…spell sponsor correctly

of course…i guess that is why God invented spell check. :slight_smile:

Wow…I can only dream of our team being sponsored like that. The thing I’ve always wondered is what do you do with all that money? I know this year that we definely spent under 10000, and had a competitive robot. Not saying that we wouldn’t want that sort of money :slight_smile: .

You can dream all you want but if you want a well funded team you’re going to have to work for it. Teams like team 60 work very hard to get the money they have. They are constantly calling companies and writing letters, going to meetings and trying to come up with new ways to get sponsors.

I would highly recommend reading team 60’s marketing plan, to get an idea of what direction you need to move in and just how much work it takes to be well funded.

our school has the “New Millenium Foundation”, a non profit which alumni donate to for various school improvements, which has given us about $2,500 for the past two years. We also had a team dad donate some money, I forget how much, and his company matched him due to their policy. Also, the local ACE and Tap Plastics gave us materials discounts and such. There may have been a few more, I’d have to look at our team shirt to make sure.

Steve Wozniak lives in our town and at this year’s Silicon Valley competition (he was a judge) he said that he would fund us “all the way” or something like that next year. Hopefully that turns out as well as it sounds.

thank you guys for all the helpful comments that you guys have gave me and I am amazed at the speed of your repiles. As to the comment about my spelling I will not take offense to that because I know that I am a terrible speller(note my signiture), so our team will use a different meamber to try contact these companys. Also as you can see I am new here so if you could point me towards a spell checker that would be great.

Our main sponsor donates about $10,000 to our team. They have been with us from the begining. The company I work for has given us $2500 every year. We have other conpanys and foundations that donate close to $1000 also. We send them brochures containing information about our team (and FIRST). We also mention our 501c3 status. I helped the team get money from where I work with some “inside pull”. It also helps that my company builds robots and they have some interest in this program.

“We also mention our 501c3 status.”
what is this may I ask?

Sirbleeds I want to PM you some comments but the system won’t let me. E-mail or pm with a way I can send you this info.

For everyone else. Remember companies want a well organized business case donating. Put together a presentation bring some video if possible and show them the what their money buys. Getting your team in the paper or on the local news only helps the cause, so it might be necessary to go do community service events where you can get your name noticed. The more ways you identify your team as a positive member of the community the easier it will be to get donations.

That’s a good suggestion, as many of these comments are. Keep going, I need to make note of this! :slight_smile: