sponsor email addresses

Hi all,

I am setting up a newsletter for updating our sponsors about what our team is doing. I am having trouble tracking down appropriate email addresses for this sort of mailing. Does anyone know of a preferred email address for any of these sponsors:



It may be best to contact the companies through customer service or whatever their default is. You’ll probably be redirected to the correct email.

Good luck!

At the top under the picture theres a link to apply for a Solidworks sponsorship.

I would encourage you to not publicly post individual’s email addresses, especially in a bot scrape-able format.


In addition to removing the individuals email address, I would recommend finding out if they’d like a newsletter type thing. They may only want an update at the end of the year, at a certain time of the year, or prefer to just know where to find your updates (Facebook, blog posts, etc).

Additionally, at the end of the year have a short, quotable blurb. You may send them a one pager with a picture and stats, but if you have a three sentence or so highlight summary - they may include it in the company newsletter.

Thank you! Will do.