What do sponsors like to hear about when you are going to talk to them?

My high school team, team 341, produced a DVD/CD kit that has some information on what sponsors ‘want to hear’ including a sample sponsorship video. The Team-In-A-Box set can be requested (it’s free), from this page. Furthermore, this thread on picking up a corporate sponsor. Hope you find this helpful,


Sponsors are impressed with professionalism, organization, and enthusiasm. When preparing a presentation be sure to illustrate (verbally, images, video) the importance of FIRST and any past works/awards that you have completed/won. It is crucial that you connect with the audience and make sure that they understand what you are talking about (most of the time they will have no idea or have misconceptions). Also remember to thank them for their time and personally (shake-hands) introduce yourselves at the start. If you have any questions about presentation or anything else, e-mail me.

Dont forget the robot :wink:

Nothing stirs interest like a working demo.

Thank you very much any other ideas?

Any kind of trophy helps, it shows that you have a good program and is very helpful. Everyone likes a winner.

Relate to them somehow. For example, if a group from your school has been helped by a company, mention that fact, or allude to it.

Have a flyer of some form.

Thank You very much for the help :yikes: