Sponsorship Letters!

Hello everyone,

My team has recently decided to revamp our fundraising efforts! We’re looking to raise money for the MAR Championship if we happen to qualify.

We have a sponsorship letter, but in my opinion it could be much better, therefore I have decided to rewrite it.

If anyone could post their team’s sponsorship letter, I would truly appreciate it, thanks!

I’m not sure if I have permission to share ours, but I can take a look at yours if you want.

Quick warning, make sure to really check with your schools administration (even if you are not a part of one, its still good for others) about your letter before you start using it. We were making our own, and just a couple weeks ago the administration somehow got their hands on the unfinished copy, and went crazy. They didnt want us giving out T-Shirts, as they saw it as ASB funds (shirts happened to be donated, so we got around that one) and anything that shows as a tax write off needed to be approved by the board. (which starting this year only meets for fundraising items in September) Keep in mind these have not even been finished, and have not ever been taken out of the robotics club student administration, making this even more confusing for us. Just something to keep in mind.