Sporadic NCKs?

I’ve been having some trouble with my CMUcam2 and the various GUIs, so I’ve been experimenting with it in the terminal. I’ve noticed that I will occasionally get a NCK response, even if the command is well-formed. For instance, if I hold down the Enter key, I get a stream of ACKs, but with a few NCKs scattered about. This is happening consistently on different computers, with native serial ports and USB adapters, and with various cables. Does this thing typically return random NCKs? Is the camera malfunctioning, or is there something I can do?

Not wanting to interrupt the main sibject of the topic, but if someone could explain to me what are the NCK’s and ACK’s and how do they work wit the camera/camera code, I would appriciate it :slight_smile:

Certainly. A command (multiple bytes, usually) is sent to the camera, then, to determine whether or not the command was successful, the device that sent the command waits for a response, either “ACK” or “NCK” – meaning ACKnowledged or Not aCKnowledged.

As for the original poster’s problem, I have seen some odd behavior during initialization that would suggest that the camera doesn’t receive what I send it–the reinitialization restarts 5-10 times when I boot the robot. I don’t have a solution for this; maybe someone else here does.