SportFun Eggs..I mean balls?

Posted by nuts4first.

Engineer on team #340, (TBD), from Churchville-Chili and Nortel Networks.

Posted on 1/12/2000 4:33 PM MST

I received our teams case of balls we ordered from SportFun today.
Upon inflating them, they all turned oval shaped! I inflated them to
13 inches across the seam as recommended in the manual. Most
are 13 inches by 16 inches in size. Because they are so oddly
sized they bounce very unpredictibly.

Perhaps they should be inflated to 2 feet to stretch out, then deflated
to the correct size? These are rather poor quality goods in my
opinion!!! Is anyone else having the same problem?

Good Luck

Posted by Matt Ryan.

Student on team #69, HYPER, from Quincy Public Schools and Gillette.

Posted on 1/16/2000 7:59 PM MST

In Reply to: SportFun Eggs…I mean balls? posted by nuts4first on 1/12/2000 4:33 PM MST:

I was wondering about that, but the balls are supposed to be 13’ in diameter across the seam, and 14’ in diameter perpendicular to the seam. It is going to be difficult to inflate them to the right diameters